+au meme;; harry and taylor were at the same school. taylor was such a shy and funny girl, kind of a nerd, she didn’t had any friends. harry was a bullie, the bullie who made taylor feel miserable. one day, taylor realizes she can’t take it anymore. that was the same day that harry was going to tell her everything; that the reason he bullied her was because he loved her. he goes to her house with the biggest smile ever, it fades away when he sees her mother andrea crying on her brother’s austin shoulder. he goes and asks what happenend: taylor just commited suicide and wrote a letter: dear family, i really love you, and you know it. but… i get bullied a lot, and i’m sorry. i feel pathetic because i’m in love with that bullie; his name is harry. yeah, sure, you could blame on him because he’s the one that makes me suffer, but don’t do it. it’s my fault for not being strong enough. for being weak. but, hey! this is the best for everybody, don’t cha think? well, i’ll be sure to keep my eyes on all of you and save you a place right my side, here in the sky. lots of love, taylor.

pd: can you tell harry that i really loved him? thanks for loving me, mom, austin, dad… love you x.”

harry felt the worst person ever, so in her funeral he sang ‘tears of an angel’, an original song inspired on taylor’s story. a part of it…

I love you taylor, and I’m sorry" he whispered looking at her urn.

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